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  • Develops Eye Muscle Memory and Improved Eye Hand Coordination
  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence at the plate
  • Maximize Sweet Spot Ball Contact
  • Significant Hitting Performance Improvement
  • Great To Break A Hitting Slump
  • Can be used for Baseball or Softball

Christie Ambrosi

“I have been giving fastpitch softball lessons for fourteen years and I am always looking for new tools to help my students.  The Eyesolator glasses are great because they really help the kids keep their eye on the ball when it is most important, at CONTACT!!!  It forces them to move their head the last five feet the ball travels before contact so they are able to watch the ball all the way in.  I saw immediate results when I started implementing them in to my lesson plans. The Eyesolators fit close to the face and head, allowing a helmet to be worn in training”

   – Christie Ambrosi
     2000 Olympic Gold Medalist
     1999 National Champion and All-American at UCLA
……..and Eyesolator Fielding Glasses



  • Develops Eye Muscle Memory and Improved Eye Hand Coordination for Fielding Grounders
  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence in the field
  • Perfect for Softball and Baseball



Christmas Special 2015

The Ultimate Deal

This is the best deal we have for the end of the year. Order by December 12th to receive in time for a Christmas gift. Includes 1 Pair of our trademark Eyesolator Classic Hitting Training Glasses in Black, 1 Pair of our Infield Defender Fielding Training Glasses, and 1 of our Heavy Duty Batting Tees.  



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