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Coach Kenny and the Miami Express

Hi there! I’m Coach Kenny Cannon, and I’ve been coaching or playing softball for nearly 40 years. As the head coach of the Miami Express Softball Team we won the 2004 USSSA National World Series Championship (15 and under), and were runner up in the 2012 USSSA National World Series Championship (15 and under). I love softball and coaching, and working with not only my daughters, but all my wonderful players, gave me the inspiration to create Eyesolator. The boost I’ve seen in self-esteem and confidence based on their ability at the plate has been breath-taking.  Eyesolator hitting glasses have been used with my team  for years, and it has kept us in the top spot or nearly the top spot in the nation year after year.

The Eyesolator Training/Hitting Glasses work by blocking a batter’s peripheral vision, thus forcing the head to stay still and trains the eyes to follow the path of the ball from release into the hitting zone.  I made sure the one-size-fits-all glasses are very comfortable for youth to adults, and these are great for younger players to train with off a tee, front toss, or soft toss to train the eye’s muscle memory and to bring the body’s natural eye-hand coordination into alignment come game time.   As a training aid, my suggestion is to use at least fifteen minutes during your batting practice, and ball players of all ages can achieve instantaneous, measurable results.

Now I want to share these revolutionary hitting glasses with the softball and baseball teams and players all over America.  These are ideal for kids and adults of all ages that want to improve their concentration and bust out of a hitting slump!

Drop me a line with any questions, and enjoy your new pair of Eyesolator’s.



Coach Kenny Cannon

Coach Kenny