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The Portable Pitching Powerline is a training aid for baseball and softball pitchers.  Easy to store and bring along to any practice, or to warm up before game time, and setup is less than one minute from unboxing to starting your practice pitches.  Shipping & Handling fee per order $4.95, all orders over $75 free shipping.

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Product Description

At Eyesolator Sports our products revolve around the philosophy of repetitive practice with our training tools to develop the muscle memory to perform proper technique over and over.

Our portable pitching powerline is designed to help train pitchers on getting to their power position while targeting locations on the plate (inside, center, outside). This line was designed to travel with ball players to the practice field, game day, or use in your own back yard. With each power line you are provided three stakes to place on each corner and the center of the plate. The powerline is then hooked to whichever stake you wish to practice on and can be shifted to other stakes when wanted to practice on those locations.

There is one additional hook that is used to anchor the powerline at the pitching rubber. We do provide powerlines for select distances of 35’, 40’, and 43’.

Setup and use (see illustration of instructions):

Verify you have all components: Base hook, three position stakes, and powerline. Setup should take less than one minute.

1)Take base hook and end of powerline and set at pitcher’s starting position. Leave at least one foot in front of mound for drag foot if fastpitch practice.

2) Set position stakes at points you wish to pitch at in front of home plate.

3) Stretch powerline from base hook and hook other end over position stake selected.

4) Start pitching.

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43 Foot, 40 Foot, 35 Foot


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