“I have been giving fastpitch softball lessons for fourteen years and I am always looking for new tools to help my students.  The Eyesolator glasses are great because they really help the kids keep their eye on the ball when it is most important, at CONTACT!!!  It forces them to move their head the last five feet the ball travels before contact so they are able to watch the ball all the way in.  I saw immediate results when I started implementing them in to my lesson plans.  I have seen glasses made like this before but were bulky and didn’t allow the kids to wear them with a helmet on.  The Eyesolators fit close to the face and head, allowing them to wear a helmet with them on”.

Christie Ambrosi

2000 Olympic Gold Medalist

1999 National Champion and All-American at UCLA

 “Our players at the Minnesota Fastpitch Academy find great benefit in the Eyesolator Sports Hitting Training Glasses. We incorporate the glasses in a bunch of our different skill sets and the players enjoy using them.”

Lisa Bernstein

Minnesota Fastpitch Academy

“Teaching young hitters to track the ball off the bat is not an easy task for coaches. The Eyesolator glassess are one of the best innovated hitting tools that assist in the development of young hitters to track it to smack it”.

Al Garcia

Former coach, KC Peppers


“I have been coaching fastpitch softball for 25 years and the Eyesolator is the best product I have ever used for training hitters to keep their eye on the ball. It doesn’t matter what drills you are doing – tee work, soft toss, or machine – the Eyesolator trains hitters to keep their head down and still to see the ball all the way to the bat. Eyesolator is also great for fielding drills. GREAT PRODUCT & EASY TO USE”.

Tom Ansley

Former  competitive softball coach (25+ years)


“The Eyesolators are a perfect training aid for young and upcoming hitters. The Eyesolators are a perfect training aid to help keep your eye on the ball, your head down, and your concentration centered.  As a a slapper I feel the Eyesolators would be the perfect tool to keep our head down. As a coach I will use the Eyesolators as a hitting tool for my young girls. I know it will help their technique and success at the plate”.

Lindsey Tuter

2010 NFCA/NAIA All-American Ottawa University


 “I’ve been playing baseball my whole life, all the way up to the Collegiant level at Grand Valley State University, where we appeared in two world series.  This year was my first year as an Assistant Coach at Grand Valley State University, and as a coach I use the Eyesolators all the way from my guys in little league up to the collegiant level. I like to call it the “Slump Buster”. If they’re in a slump and they don’t have confidence, then we put it on them and work on the tee. This really helps them see the ball hit the bat. Baseball and softball are a hand eye coordinated sport, and you have to see the ball hit the bat.  If you don’t have that coordination then you really can’t hit the ball. After workouts with my Little League players or my collegiant level players using the Eyesolators you can see the confidence. They’re hitting the ball hard, and roping it up the middle.  When you have confidence you succeed. One thing I can say, is that I wish that as a player when I was in little league I had a pair of Eyesolators”.

 Ryan Garman

Former Coach Grand Valley State University, College Baseball Player


“Found these last summer for my 7th grader who was batting 8th on his baseball team in Olathe. In thirty days working in the back yard off a tee using the Eyesolator glasses he moved up to third in the batting order and remained there through the season. It thrilled me to see the new confidence he gained in himself walking up to the batters box . Thank You Eyesolator “

Tim Keegan

Baseball Dad

“As a parent of two avid softball players I’ve seen huge progress at the plate.  My oldest daughter went through a slump, and now she as hit three over the fence home runs since she has been wearing them! My six year old daughter is building confidence. Not only does she think they’re cool, but they are helping her keep her head down, and build a level swing to hit the ball. I’ve also seen several kids on my daughter’s team increase their batting average using the Eyesolators.  My oldest was lacking confidence at the plate, and through regular practice she has built that confidence at the plate, and built on it by hitting the ball line drives, several singles, doubles, and those home runs. I encourage parents to try these and see the success it brings to your child”.

Kim White

Softball Mom


 “After working all winter using them my spring ball batting average went up to .518. I also led the state of Kansas for batting average in AAA High School Varsity Softball”.

Moriah K

2nd Base, Shortstop, Miami Express


 “I used to open up my hips and pull my shoulder, and that in turn caused my head to pull off the ball. Once I started using Eyesolators regularly at practice I could tell it really helped me keep my head down so I could keep my eyes on the ball.  I started hitting a lot more line drives, and my batting average went way up.  I wanted to be ready for Nationals so I really practiced with them intensively for two weeks.  By the time Nationals came around I was hitting in the upper .400s”.

 MacKenzie C

1st Base, 3rd Base, Miami Express